Freelance, Moving and new toys

It’s been a crazy month, I’ve moved out of the city and back to the Scarborough seaside. I needed to see some crashing waves and trees rather than office blocks.   Until this point I was working full-time at Pixel Bomb Games and then taking on freelance work on the side. Slowly working towards building a big enough client base to go it alone.  This has been the first week of being solely a freelancer. It’s very early days but so far I’m feeling good.  I’ve made enough to pay the rent and I’ve also managed to do some personal work.

I also finally bought a Cintiq 24hd. Very exciting. I have been saving for this for a couple of years but never had room in any of the flats I have lived in.


The final push to get one came last month when I was invited down to the Disney Studio in Brighton to meet the team and have a look around. They were using Cintiq’s and couldn’t say a bad word about them. Before then I hadn’t ever got my hands on one.

I would recommend getting one just for the unboxing experience I don’t know what I was expecting but it was like an epic puzzle from Tombraider getting it out.

Another awesome thing about freelancing is that I’ve made myself a schedule and it actually stops. For the past two years I’ve got up gone to work, come home from work and carried on working till I went to sleep.  I can actually now do other things. I won’t lie though; these other things will still be mostly be art related. But being by the sea I can get back into surfing too.

One thing I love about being a freelance concept artist is that one day I’m designing Tattoos for a single client and the next I’m working for the US Navy. (Americans have no fear; they haven’t asked me for ship designs, YET.) But it is extremely exciting work. Some of my recent private work in progress commissions you can see below.





London Workshop


Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say that I will be heading down to London for the Industry Workshop event at the end of August. Feel free to say hi if you are there. Early bird tickets have sold but you can sign up for standard tickets on the website.

Art Resources


As promised here is a list of resources:

Books I Own

Creative Illustration – Andrew Loomis

Figure Drawing for all its worth- Andrew Loomis

Basic Perspective Drawing a visual approach- John Montague

Colour and Light – James Gurney

Imaginative Realism- James Gurney

Light for Visual Artists: Understanding & Using Light in Art & Design. – Richard Yot

Journals and Magazines

Imagine Fx –

2d Artist –

2d Geek –




Digital Painting Techniques by 3d Total

Tutorials and Learning – Paid

Vfx Workshops –



Digital Tutors-

Schoolism –

Ctrl Paint-


Noah Bradley Art Camp –


Tutorials and Learning – Free

Ctrl Paint

Scott Robertson –

Feng Zhu-

Riven Phoenix –


CG Hub –

Art Order – –

Crimson Daggers –

Level Up –

Deviant Art –

Freelancing and Industry Help




Textures –

Pose Reference

Pose –



Dragon vs Samurai

dragonvs sam

dragon vs samurai

Outside of my day job as a concept artist I often take on other commissions and work; Mostly companies and studio work but every so often I get the chance to work with individuals. I’m really pleased to be able to share the first of several Tattoo designs I am working on. I love drawing and spend so much time using a Wacom that its great to actually get back to paper and pencil.

The Soulkeeper

I was very fortunate last year to join an amazing development team.

I can’t share too much information at this point but The Soulkeeper is an RPG I’m very excited to be working on.

My fellow developers boast incredible resumes:  Gears of War 3″, “Unreal Tournament 3”, “Darksiders”, “Silent Hill: Origins” ,“ Dreamworks ”, “GTA V”, “Dead Rising 3”, “FarCry 2”, “Uncharted 2 & 3”. So as you can imagine the game so far is exceptional.

Here are a  few pieces of concept art from myself.coast-thumbnails1000 Harbour1000 Helga's-Room1000 Helm-Bar1000 Helm-Street1000 sorrengaarthall1000